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Enchanting Santa Fe

Explore the Southwest style of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, from classic adobe to sleek contemporary homes to stunning floral arrangements to graphic and visual design.

The focal point of the spacious living area is White Buffalo Calf Woman, oil on canvas, by Santa Fean artist C.J. Wells
Home Highlight:
Forever Home
By the time Susan and Joe Malaga were ready to build a custom home in Santa Fe, they knew exactly what they wanted: a high-quality home with a timeless design.
The Firebird specializes in water-conserving irrigation systems
The Firebird: Earth, Fire and Water
The moment for David Rentfrow came when he was hiking with his then twenty-year-old son, Sage, on Tesuque Peak. His son, who had planned to go to college in Missouri, turned to the west, looked at the...
Spanish-Pueblo Revival aka Santa Fe style homes
Santa Fe Architecture: Living History
Santa Fe's cityscape is not utterly unique because of its mix of old and new buildings. But it is unusual to see centuries-old adobes side-by-side with brand-new adobe-style buildings that look quite the...
A stylish living room with kiva fireplace
Color in Your Life:
Tips from the Pros
We are masters of a neutral background: it gives us so much opportunity and freedom to add color to every project. Color allows us to give a more dynamic environment while still keeping a room, like the...
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