Photography ©Avery Pearson.

Dining & Nightlife

Spirited Santa Fe

Explore the stories and people behind the best restaurants and bars in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. Discover local favorites and best kept secrets.

Piñon nuts and coffee beans
Flavor of the Town:
The Prized Piñon
Chile may be New Mexico's most famous culinary ingredient, but the prized piñon takes a close second. This cherished pine nut may be small, but it's packed with big, buttery sweetness.
A tequila tasting at Inn of the Anasazi
Mix Master:
Ray Mendea, Inn of the Anasazi
We’re sitting under traditional Santa Fe style vigas at a spade-shaped wooden table softly illuminated by recessed ceiling lights. We’re in the dining room of the Inn of the Anasazi, at the agave tasting...
A Moscow Mule
Del Charro: Meet You at the Watering Hole
The search for a secret, locals-only spot is an elusive and unending quest for every traveler. Hole-in-the-wall breakfast joints, secret gardens and alleyways, and password-only speakeasies hidden beneath...
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